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[Towertalk] TH-11 vs. Fluidmotion/SteppIR antenna

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Subject: [Towertalk] TH-11 vs. Fluidmotion/SteppIR antenna
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Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 02:03:09 EDT

I am faced with a real dilemma here.  I have a NIB TH-11 that I was going to 
install in about a month.  I got this antenna because it covers all of the 
bands and the performance is top notch for its size.

Now, along comes a company with an antenna that suits my needs even better!  
The Fluidmotion antenna seems to do a lot of what the TH-11 does, with less 
windloading and a lower profile.  Plus, I wouldn't have to upgrade my rotor 
nor would I max out my tower.  My original plan was to put up a 3 EL Linear 
Loaded M2 40m yagi, a 6m yagi and the TH-11.  I was planning the purchase of 
an Orion rotor and chromally mast.  If I go with the Fluidmotion, I think I 
can still get by with my Tailtwister rotor and put the Orion money towards 
the antenna.

Your thoughts?? This ought to stir the pot!!



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