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[Towertalk] single point ground

To: <>
Subject: [Towertalk] single point ground
From: (Chris BONDE)
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 19:49:45 -0700
At 12:47 AM 2002-07-24 +0000, jljarvis wrote:

>Second, in addition to providing a ground panel at ground level
>for antennas and control cables,  on the downstream (station)
>side of them, I would route all cables through a piece of iron
>pipe about 4' long.  Ground it, as well, to the single point.

By through do you mean from one end to the other as in a pass through, or 
through the sides with connectors etc.  I assume that the coax is just 
threaded through the iron pipe and the piep is near to the ground with a 
good grounding wire.

Never heard of that.

What if I just did that? That I think that I can do with some old waste 
water pipe 2-3 in in diameter.

>It will act as a choke for transients which get across the
>ground panel, forcing arcs to ground at the SPG.
>I am assuming that what you do at the SPG provides an ESD gap,
>so excess voltage is dumped to ground across all coaxes and
>rotor/control cables.  ICE does this.
>rgds, Jim, n2ea

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