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[Towertalk] Teflon - Part 2

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Subject: [Towertalk] Teflon - Part 2
From: (Tod-Idaho)
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 21:57:18 -0600
Sorry guys, I probably should have stated what I wanted to do rather than
simply asking for sources.

I do NOT want to use the Teflon as a bearing. I have a couple of HyTowers
one of which is in place already. I have in mind making them usable on 160
meter with a loading coil in series with the 'stinger' rather than the
configuration that uses a 40 meter trap attached to the top of the tower
section and extended with a 105 foot horizontal wire to make an inverted L
on 160. HyGain, in the instruction manual, warned that more than 300 watts
into the 'stinger' coil loaded version would have problems (presumably from
arcing at the points where the 'stinger' goes through the rotor plate and
the top plate of the tower).

In an effort to avoid discovering in December or January during an Idaho
blizzard and a 160 meter contest that I have burned a hole in the ABS
insulator currently used in the HyTower, I thought I would see if there was
a way to put some really good insulating material between the 'stinger' and
the tower. Teflon came to mind, hence the question on where to purchase some
in various forms. (I would be delighted to have someone locate some that is
surplus and presumably price reduced).

At this point I will be happy to accept suggestions for finding Teflon (some
suggestions have already arrived) as well as suggestions on how to avoid the
problem --- Teflon or something else. <<Reducing power is NOT an desirable


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