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[Towertalk] 25GSSB New? Baseplate

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Subject: [Towertalk] 25GSSB New? Baseplate
From: (Mike Rhodes)
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 16:42:26 -0400
  So what I think I'm reading is that I should be ok with the 1/2 x 12 bolts
as opposed to the 5/8 x 12, even though the holes in the heavy plate are
11/16. Once the epoxy holding the J-bolts has cured, I should plumb a
section of tower using bolts & washers on both sides of the plate. Once that
is complete, build a form and grout under the new baseplate and it should be
tower and antenna growing time again. Right?

Mike / W8DN

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> what is called grout is added under the plate...
>  grout is a very flowable version of "concrete" - a small form is made on
>  top of the pour and the grout is then mixed and placed into that form ...
>  grout is VERY fluid and will flow into even the center of your plate ...
>  once it sets you will have the weight being able to be spread out over a
>  large area ...
>  just prior to doing the grout verify not that the plate itself is level
>  - not by checking it - but, by installing the first section of tower and
>  making sure that IT is plumb! there may be small irregularities in the
>  length of the plate's stubs that slip into the legs or their welding
>  which could translate to the plate itself being level but the tower
>  section being crooked - which is really what this is all about!
    Yes - a typical spec calls for non-shrink grout. I have to go to a
concrete supply house to get the right stuff - I haven't been happy with the
stuff available from the big box hardware store.

Steve     K7LXC
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