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[Towertalk] Tailtwister won't turn.

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Subject: [Towertalk] Tailtwister won't turn.
From: (Jim Smith)
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2002 23:00:17 -0700
Hi Steve,

I just bought a double worm drive rotor to turn my about to arrive 
C4SXL.  You can check it out at

My antenna is mounted on the roof right over the bedroom.  The current 
rotor on the TH3 wakes my wife up  whenever the brake is operated.  She 
cannot hear the AlfaSPID.  Should be good for an extra 100 Qs in every 

Hope this is of interest.

de Jim Smith    VE7FO

Steve Katz wrote:

>Have to admit the below is a "brute force" solution that can be a bit
>expensive and a bit of work, but I have also pretty much given up on Tail
>Twisters.  Powerful, yes.  Good design, no.  My next "big rotor" will have a
>worm gear drive and no brake at all!

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