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Subject: [Towertalk] Fence fence go away-
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Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 17:26:54 -0400

As a follow up on my 4 SR problems since installing a 3000 foot 4 foot high 
goat wire fence within 60 feet on the west side of it, I have a question on 
making the fence disappear.  Moving it will be tough, but if I ground it, will 
it go away as far as the array is concerned?  To RF ground it as far as the 
array is concerned,  I was thinking of attaching 66 foot redials to the bottom 
of the fence, which is made up of 12 gauge woven wire, and running them out 
away from the array.  Has anyone ever attempted to RF ground a fence of this 
length?  Does the radial idea make sense?  The array is acting wacko and 
everything else that could cause problems has been eliminated.  Symptoms of the 
arrays problems include a raised resonant point from it's standard 200KHz to 
400KHz, varying power port dump readings from 1% to up to 20% at resonance, and 
the individual resonant points of the two closest verticals, which parallel the 
array on the west side, dropping from 3.620MHz to 3.577 and 3.543 respectively. 
 The two furthest verticals have not been directly effected as far as resonant 
and SWR readings. The vertical closest to the fence (66 feet) has the lower SWR 
and the other vertical which parallels the fence on the west side (75 feet from 
fence) is the other that dropped.   And oh yeah, the F/B sucks- Rather than 
moving 600 feet of fence, can anyone suggest a creative solution?  Much 

73  Paul  N0AH

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