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Subject: [Towertalk] fence update
From: (Michael Tope)
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 08:36:07 -0700

If it turns out to be the fence, maybe you can break it up with insulating
sections much in the same way you would break up a guy wire. My guess
is that you would probably only need to do this within a wavelength or so
of the verticals. I don't know how the fence is constructed, but you would
only need small insulating gaps (just enough to minimize capacitive coupling
between sections) in order to break up the conductor. This might be easier
than moving the fence.

Good luck!

Mike, W4EF....................
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Subject: [Towertalk] fence update

> According to my power dump readings measured into the dummy load,
> adding 20 1/4 wave radials to the fence going away from the array did
> attaching the existing ground system made up of 240 symetrical 1/4 wave
> ground radials (60 each antenna) did nothing
> If the fence was creating the problems, would it not have had some impact
> try these steps before moving the fence?  Be it good or bad, it would
leave a
> smoking gun it is the fence intereacting with the array???
> If I move this fence, and it's still there, then the comtek box is all
> is left to rule out.  But the relays seem to be working in discussing
> with Jim--
> Jim at Comtek said it has to be the fence- I agree but trying some voodoo
> tactics first before moving it- Adding insulators to a 12 GA wire wooven
> fence won't be practical...........................
> The NW vertical seems to be the culprit as my array power dump readings
> go way up when this antenna is involoved with either my JA or SA antenna
> being on- I have great readings on both my VK and EU directions- Since the
> vertical is involved more involved in the EU direction, I have pin pointed
> guessed that the NW antenna is being most effected but who knows. It is
> closer to the fence by 10 feet vs the SW antenna.
> So far, not a lot of suggestions on this problem-  Moving the fence really
> seems to be the only answer unles its not the fence afterall-  Fat chance
> 73  Paul  N0AH
> PS: Will roll up the fence this weekend within a wave length of the array
> keeping fingers crossed it has some effect to my pet antenna-- As for the
> separate postings, I'm glad my original post finally made it- sorry for
> double posting.....................
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