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[Towertalk] Brackets for Sidemounting "fixed" antennas

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Subject: [Towertalk] Brackets for Sidemounting "fixed" antennas
From: (Steve Katz)
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 09:45:29 -0700
> Hi Steve,
> It may have worked for you, but the shims do nothing to relieve the
> twisting torque on the leg, which would be my main concern. I would
> have nightmares about brace welds ripping out of legs.
> An outrigger tied to a second leg solves that problem, but by the
> time you do that, you might just as well have built a full face
> bracket, which can consist of just two pieces of angle and a short
> 2" OD mast.
        [Steve Katz]  Hi Steve, I agree with you.  That's why I posted
yesterday I wouldn't consider a 60' monobander clamped to the leg of a 25G;
although I have side-mounted a 36' monobander to a single leg of a 45G and
it lasted 20+ years with zero problems, no broken welds, etc, in a very
high-wind (and high ice) area.  I've also side-mounted a 24' 6m beam to a
single leg of 25G, ditto -- no problems at all.  Obviously, using more tower
area to distribute the load is a great idea...but sometimes, those "I'm just
doing this for the contest this weekend, will take it down Monday" antennas
stay up for decades.  We stacked a second Hy-Gain 155BA (5 L 15m mono) below
one mounted on an LM470 at my friend Bill's house (K2XR contest station)
using a pulley and ropes, and no other means of support whatever -- not only
did it last the weekend, for all I know, it's probably still up there.
(Installation first weekend in March 02 for the ARRL DX Phone.)  -WB2WIK/6

> 73
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