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[Towertalk] Trylon raising questions

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Subject: [Towertalk] Trylon raising questions
From: (Dave Dunbar, N0RQ)
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 11:09:21 -0500
I have a Trylon T600 - 64', hopefully going up in a few weeks.  A few =
questions, if I may...

It will be assembled on the ground and raised by a crane.  How does one =
attach a Rohn 25 ginpole to the top for the purpose of hauling the HF =
beam (Force 12 XR-5) to the top?  Is there some better way to get it up =

Also, how much stuff can I attach to the tower before the crane arrives? =
 (The theory being it is easier to do it on the ground than in the air.) =
 I plan to have the rotor and coax switch mounted, along with the =
associated cables (tied up inside the tower), but can I also have =
* the mast (9' of which is above the thrust bearing)?
* the 6m beam (M2 12' boom) at the top of the mast?
* the side brackets for the side-mounted 2m vertical?
* the 3' PVC stubs that will hold the pulleys for the dipoles?
How much risk is there in installing those before it is lifted up?

Any suggestions for the crane operator -- how far up to attach the =
crane, what to use or not use as a strap around the legs, do or don'ts =
for lifting, etc.

Many thanks.

Dave, N0RQ

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