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Subject: [Towertalk] Trylon raising questions
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 20:18:53 -0700

     I agree with K7LXC - do as much with the crane as you can (tower, mast,
antennas, etc.)  If for some reason you can't keep the crane after the tower
is up ($$), I'd recommend putting the mast into the top bearing and into the
rotator before the tower is hauled up.  If you still need a gin pole to
raise the antennas, I can offer some suggestions.  (N3RR and I did this last
year for my 64-foot Trylon, at K7LXC's suggestion from the year before.)

    Once the tower, rotator and mast are in place, you can suspend the
bottom of the ginpole from near the top of the tower with a five-foot length
of heavy chain.  I used 1000 pound chain material (according to Home Despot
labeling) and a couple of steel S-hooks, found on the store shelves near the
chain.  I draped the chain over one tower leg above the top bearing plate
and let it hang down about two and a half feet on either side.  I slipped an
S-hook into each end of the chain and kept the hooks in place with a wrap or
two or three of electrical tape.

     Next Bill and I hauled up the ginpole and slipped the open ends of the
S-hooks into the bottom of the pipe.  I let the ginpole rest on the
chain/hooks and lashed the pole to the tower at three places along the two
and a half feet of tower leg.  Then Bill threaded the haul rope through the
pole's pulleys and we were all set.  Worked like a charm.

     BTW, before hauling up the 75-pound Yagi, Bill and I used the ginpole
to haul up the 120-pound mast through the center of the tower.  Just make
sure the lashings are tight, otherwise the ginpole might slip or pivot when
you put weight on it.  Also, our gin pole was twelve feet long; a longer
pole may need more than a couple of feet of lashing (longer chain) to make
it secure.

GL es 73 de
Gene Smar AD3F

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Date: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 2:52 PM
Subject: [Towertalk] Trylon raising questions

I have a Trylon T600 - 64', hopefully going up in a few weeks.  A few
questions, if I may...

It will be assembled on the ground and raised by a crane.  How does one
attach a Rohn 25 ginpole to the top for the purpose of hauling the HF beam
(Force 12 XR-5) to the top?  Is there some better way to get it up there?

Also, how much stuff can I attach to the tower before the crane arrives?
(The theory being it is easier to do it on the ground than in the air.)  I
plan to have the rotor and coax switch mounted, along with the associated
cables (tied up inside the tower), but can I also have mounted:
* the mast (9' of which is above the thrust bearing)?
* the 6m beam (M2 12' boom) at the top of the mast?
* the side brackets for the side-mounted 2m vertical?
* the 3' PVC stubs that will hold the pulleys for the dipoles?
How much risk is there in installing those before it is lifted up?

Any suggestions for the crane operator -- how far up to attach the crane,
what to use or not use as a strap around the legs, do or don'ts for lifting,

Many thanks.

Dave, N0RQ

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