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[Towertalk] Create RC5B-3 mast clamps

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Subject: [Towertalk] Create RC5B-3 mast clamps
From: (Matt & Carrie Trott)
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 19:47:16 -0600
I finally changed out my Yaesu SDX1000 rotor that literally disintigrated
after 6 years of faithfully turning a 402CD and 205BAS.

I replaced it with a used Create RC5B-3 that I purchased several years ago,
but had never used. My question is: Has anyone ever cracked a mast clamp
using this rotor? It looks stouter than the Yaesu ones, which I know were
prone to cracking if tightened too hard. But this one is aluminum also, and
I just wondered if I could lean on the clamp bolts without worry, because
the antennas are wandering a bit in the wind.

Also, I noticed in some pictures I found on the web that this particular
model shows six (6) mast clamp bolts (3 per side). Mine only has four (4)
mast clamp bolts (2 per side). Did they change this some where along the
line? I know it's an RCB5-3 cuz it's stamped in the casting and also sez so
on the control unit. Any info appreciated.

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