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[Towertalk] Towers in Hurricanes

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Subject: [Towertalk] Towers in Hurricanes
From: (Richard M. Gillingham)
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 20:10:27 -0400
A 1200' tower in Princeton FL (just north of Homestead) was flattenned 
by Andrew.  As was darn near everything else down there.

Gil, W1RG

Rob Atkinson, K5UJ wrote:

> Hi everyone:
> This is a question for the tower professionals (but of course anyone 
> can chime in).
> The local newspaper's wx section yesterday had a writeup about 
> Hurricane Andrew since this was the 10th anniv. of its landfall.  It 
> stated that it sustained winds of 165 mph with gusts of over 175 mph., 
> when it hit Fla. just south of Miami.  As a ham I naturally thought 
> first of the Miami area commercial towers (was pretty sure ham 
> antennas all blew down) and wondered if they were built down there to 
> make it through something like that?   Are commercial towers for tv 
> and radio etc. built for something like that down there or does 
> everyone keep their fingers crossed and stay out of the way downwind 
> of the towers and get the heck out of town?  I can't imagine building 
> a tall tower that could survive an extended blast of cat. 5 
> hurricane.  Just wondering.
> 73,
> Rob Atkinson
> K5UJ
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