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Subject: [Towertalk] Universal aluminum
From: (Dan Simmonds)
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 00:58:27 -0400
Speaking of Trylon Towers, Steve, I've often wondered why such publicity =
is made in that tower's favor, due to the fact that the "Titan" Tower =
series uses pre-galvanized sheeting thoughout the structure, which is =
clearly non-conformant to both ASTM-A123 and ASTM A-153 hot-dip =
galvanizing specifications for steel communications towers here in the =
US, as specified in TIA/EIA-222-F 1996 standards on page 18, in the =
second paragraph.

I quote from Standard of TIA/EIA Standards "Structural materials =
shall be galvanized in accordance with ASTM-A123 (hot-dip)". Trylon =
Tower members are formed from galvanized sheeting, and once the material =
is sheared, all member edges are now no longer galvanized, and wide open =
to corrosion. Also, the G-90 precoat material has a much thinner =
galvanizing coating throughout, versus a true hot-dip application. This =
is in clear violation of the 1996 coatings standard.

I'd be willing to snail mail, or email a copy of this standard to anyone =
requesting a copy.

I could go on with other factors under question, but this should suffice =
for now.


73, Dan KK3AN

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