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Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 09:11:22 EDT
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>  So, everyone, is Dan right in what I take to be his assertion that the 
>  edges of all Trylon tower elements are not adequately protected from 
>  corrosion?  "Sleepless specifiers want to know", or, "I don't want to be 
>  known as the guy that recommended something that rusted out before he 
>  was dead."

Last time I installed antennas on Trylon tower, yes, the edges of the formed 
pieces of steel that the tower was made of are "clean" steel, without 
galvanizing. It also appears that pieces are cut from the galvanized sheet 
metal plates (having non-galvanized edges) and then formed to L or whatever 
shapes, which would stress the galvanizing on the bends. Galvanizing "flows" 
to certain extend, but only time can tell how it performs. It would be 
interesting to see some comments from people living in the high corrosive 
areas about the rate or problems of corrosion. 
Trylon towers are hard on shoes, you better have good hard sole shoes to 
stand on those slanted and sharp edged junctions.

Yuri, K3BU

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