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Subject: [Towertalk] screw in anchors
From: (Jon Ogden)
Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 07:09:20 -0500
Since I am the guy that started this thread, I'll comment and give an

First of all, I think the utility company anchors have much wider "threads"
on their anchors than the ones I got from Rohn.  But you are correct in that
is how they do it.  I am amazed actually at how they put utility poles up
and how they stay up!

I ended up contacting Rohn about their screw-ins that I bought for more
info.  One of their engineering managers replied that they don't have much
information on them other than their holding capacity of 2500 pounds.  He
said that they are meant for guying masts and small towers.  I asked him if
he would consider 50 feet a small tower.  His reply was that yes, 50 feet is
a small tower, but that he considered 50 feet to be the limit for the
screw-ins.  He said it would work, but his preference is to have anchors in
concrete, but that concrete is not always feasible.

Well, yesterday we started the tower installation.  Let me tell you, those
screw anchors did NOT go in easily.  Very difficult to put in.  I could feel
when I hit the clay and rocks.  One of the anchors got most of the way down
and hit rock.  If we tried cranking it further, we just would twist the guy
rod itself.  

I think they should hold pretty well.



on 9/8/02 12:49 AM, Paul DeWitte K9OT at wrote:

> After reading some of the pros and cons of screw in anchors, you might look
> at your local utility company poles. Around here (SW Wisconsin) they use
> screw in anchors to guy utility poles when going around gradual curves, at
> corners where they change directions, etc. I dont know how deep they put
> them or how big the screw plate is but I do know that they tension some of
> these tight enough to BEND a pole sticking up 30 feet or so above ground.
> Over the years these poles still have the bend in them and the wire they are
> holding is still tight. So they will work but might not be for everyone.
> Piece of mind is a BIG factor. 73 Paul K9OT

Jon Ogden
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