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[Towertalk] Phillystran break strength vs. diameter?

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Subject: [Towertalk] Phillystran break strength vs. diameter?
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Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 23:51:44 EDT
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> There is info about breaking strength for Phillystran, but nothing
>  I can find that shows breaking strength vs. diameter.  According 
>  to the calipers, what we have is .26".  What I can't tell is how
>  to find out what the breaking str is for this.

    Phillystran OD's are:

HPTG2100        0.17"   6mm 2100# beaking strength
HPTG4000        0.22"   8mm 4000# bs            3/16" EHS equivalent
HPTG6700        0.37"   9mm 6700# bs            1/4" EHS equivalent
HPTG11200   0.44"   11mm
>  Questions:  Will this Phillystran, terminated to 1/4" EHS guy wire
>  at the ends be adequate for holding up a 120' Rohn 45 tower done
>  'by the Rohn book' for engineering and not overloaded with
>  antennas?  
    Well, you've got 3/16" EHS equivalent so as long as that what the Rohn 
drawings call for, knock yourself out. 

Steve    K7LXC
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