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More on - Re: [Towertalk] Rohn rotator plate for 25G

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Subject: More on - Re: [Towertalk] Rohn rotator plate for 25G
From: (Michael Tope)
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 13:22:10 -0800

Your are quite correct about the rotator mounting, John. If you
cut just one of the Z-braces in a standard straight section, however,
you can actually get a rotator as big as an Orion OR-2800 inside
Rohn 25.  The trick is getting a rotator plate installed among the
Z-bracing. You can either install the standard Rohn plate right
below that last set of horizontal rungs at the bottom of a standard
straight section (I think this requires a spacer in some cases to
get the rotator housing far enough above the horizontal rungs), or
you can notch the plate to fit among the Z-braces (or design
your own plate that misses the Z-braces as I did).

Of course as I learned the hard way, its better to go with Rohn
45 and avoid all these problems from the get go.

73 de Mike, W4EF....................................

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Subject: More on - Re: [Towertalk] Rohn rotator plate for 25G

> on 1/14/03 10:14 AM, Joe Reisert at wrote:
> > Jon,
> >
> > I disagree. The plate I use is mounted near the TOP of my Rohn 25 top
> > section, the section with the flat top.
> >
> > I do agree that it would be nice to mount it at the bottom....where it
> > fit... without having to cut the Z braces!
> I just looked at the Rohn catalog sheet.
> The 25AG4 top section is 8' 3/16" long.  The spot for the rotor is 1' 4"
> 3/4"(or 16 3/4") from the top.  That's plenty of room to mount the rotor
> plate and rotor.  You don't want a lot of mast going down the tower.  All
> the Rohn top sections have a space with no Z truss in order to mount the
> rotor and rotor plate.
> Keep in mind that a rotor like a Ham IV won't even fit inside the section
> with the Z-truss there anyhow.  It's too wide.
> Jon
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