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[TowerTalk] Telrex antennas for sale-pickup only

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Telrex antennas for sale-pickup only
From: (W0YG Charlie Summers)
Date: Sun Feb 16 18:39:18 2003

I have a 329 40M and 535 20M Telrex antennas for sale.  I have the 329
reconfigured as a 30M antenna at the moment but I have all the parts for the
real McCoy.

The Monarch 329 40M antenna is a 3 element yagi with full size 66 foot
elements.  I have spare tips for insurance purposes.  It is on a 29 foot

The Monarch 535 is a 5 element 20M yagi on a 35 foot boom.

I have original manuals for both.

I have used these antennas for some 10 years and rebuilt them to eliminate
the factory shortcomings of Telrex antennas.  I have the original manuals as

Please contact me off line, off the reflector, so we can negotiate.  I will
not ship so these antennas need to be picked up.  They are heavy and large
but will fit in a pickup bed.

I can scan the specifications for either and send along as a jpeg file to
those that might express interest in such.


Charlie, W0YG..>>

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