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[TowerTalk] Paul Bunyan Whip

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Paul Bunyan Whip
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Date: Mon Feb 24 18:04:03 2003
Carl, K3BZ, sent me three articles on the subject tubular, tilt over tower 
made with  three 20 foot sections of pipe (starting with 4 inch OD) for a 
total height of 60 feet.  The original article was published in QST about 40 
years ago.

Has anyone constructed this type of tower using aluminum?  I am concerned 
that using aluminum might result in too much flex but it would certainly be 
easier to construct and erect on site.  I do not intend to install a yagi, 
only a pulley to haul wire antennas up and down so the windloading should be 

Jan Rehler, W5KNZ, Corpus Christi, Texas
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