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[TowerTalk] Did I miss something???

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Did I miss something???
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Date: Thu Feb 27 12:40:33 2003
On Thu, 27 Feb 2003 09:09:02 -0800, Hank Lonberg wrote:

> I have noticed that the headers on the postings to tower talk say
> towertalk bounces on behalf of poster name.

Something has changed recently in headers.  My filters quit
funneling to the proper folder until I redid them and now Mailwasher
is flagging some posters for bounce messages.  I may even have sent
out a bounce message to the reflector yesterday or day before
because it flagged one person for bounce and I didn't notice it
until the instant I hit the process button.


a g 0 n at a r r l dot n e t
http colon slash slash mcduffie dot ws
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