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[TowerTalk] AlfaSpid rotator at Dayton - booth 195

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Subject: [TowerTalk] AlfaSpid rotator at Dayton - booth 195
From: (VE6JY Don Moman)
Date: Tue May 13 12:13:12 2003
Well, that was quite a pileup!  Thanks for all your questions and interest
in the product.  I have to QRT to start the journey to Dayton, so I won't be
able to answer any emails until I get back.  There is a FAQ at  or you can
contact Alfa Radio directly.

For those attending Dayton, one of our rotators will be among  the
Hamvention prizes.

The AZ-EL rotor just arrived in time to be packaged up in our Dayton display
shipment, so it is very new and we haven't had time to play with it or
compile any information on it to the website.   The bottom (AZ) portion
looks like our standard rotor, with another worm drive rotor mounted
sideways on top for the elevation.  The control box looksa bit like two of
our standard units mounted horizontally. That's about all I can tell you
right now.   When we get to Dayton and set it up, we'll be learning about it
as well.

73 Don

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