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[TowerTalk] antenna stacking

To: <>
Subject: [TowerTalk] antenna stacking
From: (Gregg Seidl)
Date: Fri May 30 09:46:35 2003
Please forgive my ignorance of this but I come from a vhf/uhf background.I
don't understand how you can stack 20 meter yagis at 30 feet and get around
3 db gain that one would expect from stacking.That is not quite a half
wave.I have a h frame set of 2m and 432 beams (4 antennas) and if I would
put them at 1/2 wave I don't think you would get ANY gain.vhf beams are
stacked at several wavelengths apart.What am I not getting.I know that as
the element number drops the spacing can be closer but that seems to be way
to close.Even my new 6m beam which has 9 elements on a 50 foot boom has a
stacking distance of 30 feet.Maybe the goal is not 3 db and more coverage of
arriving angles.The reason I ask is because I have a tribaner at 75 feet and
would like to maybe add a 2nd on at 40 feet someday??  Thanks Gregg K9KL

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