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[TowerTalk] Edible cable jackets

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Edible cable jackets
From: (Pete Smith)
Date: Mon Jun 23 14:26:05 2003
At 02:09 PM 6/23/03 -0400, Dick wrote:
>I've had all sorts of trouble with critters chewing cables and coax. They
>really seem to like LMR400UF, but not 9913 and Buryflex as much. So far, I
>haven't found a rotor cable they don't like. The best solution was to bury
>the cable a few inches under the grass. I use a vertical hoe to make slits
>in the ground and tuck the cables under the sod. Another solution I tried
>was to drink a lot of water and, uh, water the cable myself. That seemed to
>keep the critters away for a while, at least until the next heavy rain. Not
>a very practical solution in the long run.

Interesting thought.  There's something sold in the farm supply stores 
hereabouts called Bat Scat, which is supposed to be an all-purpose rodent 
repellent.  According to the label, it is basically some sort of dried 
blood that you dilute with water and spray around.  I guess it reminds the 
rodents of the last time the fox came a-calling.

73, Pete N4ZR
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