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From: (Jon Ogden)
Date: Wed Jun 25 23:05:06 2003
There are LOTS of different options for guyed towers, but you are 
correct except for I think you meant to say "unguyed" the first time!

For guyed towers you have:

* pier pin base (what I use)
* standard concrete base with sections or base pieces embedded in it
* Drive in base with single center post
* Drive in base with 3 drive in legs
* Roof mount
* Hinged base


There are many options since all lateral forces on the tower are 
basically taken up by the guy wires.  Only downward forces are really 
on the base.  These are from the weight of the tower and the force of 
the guys pulling the tower down.  Fortunately, concrete is REAL strong 
in a compression force like this so you don't need much rebar in a 
concrete pier in a guyed tower.



On Tuesday, Jun 24, 2003, at 11:36 America/Chicago, 

> The ROHN catelog is certainly worthwhile, however nowhere in there
> was I specifically able to find the recommended base for a GUYED
> 25g tower.   There was considerable information on an unguyed
> tower.
> The goals of the two installations are different.
> In the guyed configuration, the base is largely responsible for 
> keeping the tower
> upright.
> In the guyed configuration, the base seems to be largely responsible 
> for keeping the tower
> from sinking into the ground.
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