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[TowerTalk] Using plywood forms...??

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Using plywood forms...??
From: (Bob Smith)
Date: Mon Jun 30 21:06:42 2003
Forms are nice in a 'nice' world.  But With a water table at 10' in my area
I started digging a 4'x4'x6' hole for my LM-470 and the hole ended up being
5'x6'x10' + deep....   I dropped in the 'extended foundation base'  and 
formed the
top to the 'required 4'x4' and called the cement truck for a 'load and 1/2' of
'stiff' concrete. (The concrete went down and the water went OUT)

The base was poured in 'undisturbed' soil and has been at 90' for 15 years.
The biggest thing I had going for myself was that my brother-in-law as a cement
contractor and said "POUR THE BASE IN UNDISTURBED SOIL" , no forms to pull
after the pour, no compacting the earth after you pull the forms, nothing, 
solid earth around the base. (IE : don't put your ground rods in the 
, just the re-bar base-- tied, not welded, level , etc)

The tower is plumb , it's been through some 70+ mph wilds, etc.  It lives,
and I didn't form-up the base!!!

Let well enough alone,,


Bob Smith
ARRL Life Member
Fort Bragg, California   95437

"On The Air-Conditioned Mendocino Coast, In REAL Northern California"
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