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[TowerTalk] Re: Antenna element vibration damping - How

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Antenna element vibration damping - How
From: (Jan Erik Holm)
Date: Mon Aug 11 02:49:23 2003

Jiri Sanda wrote:
> To later responses.
> Jan - I would like to see some designs that DOES NOT vibrate at all. 
> Until now I have not seen such a beast !!!
> To kill the vibration with some rope or wire is fairly easy and does not 
> represent any significant cost or problem to put in.
Yes I know. The first Yagi I built 30 years ago lost the elements after
just 2 weeks due to vibrations/resonance, was then fixed with ropes since
at that stage I didn?t know better.
These days I don?t need ropes since my elements doesn?t vibrate.
> I would like to understand how rivets - no rivets can have the smallest 
> influence on vibration. With my dummy head I can not see any physical 
> reason.
Me too!!! I never did say so. I didn?t like rivets due to other reasons.
> Just according to my experience drilling a hole into the element is very 
> bad, but it is another story......
Yes ofcourse it is but sometimes bad things has to be done, ofcourse
it will weaken the element at the point where the hole is.
> During the years I have had quite a couple of various elements - right 
> know I (we - together with OK1RF) maintain close to 100 HF elements.
Yes I know you have a big installation, good luck with it.
> 73 !
> Jiri
73 Jim SM2EKM

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