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[TowerTalk] Re: Antenna element vibration damping - How

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Antenna element vibration damping - How
From: (Jan Erik Holm)
Date: Tue Aug 12 01:43:08 2003
Thank?s for this info, very interesting. After reading this I
can see that I did some right things.
What I mean with my elements isn?t vibrating is that I can
neither see or hear any vibration, I have had antennas I
could both see and hear how it did rattle and then elements
would fall off after some time.
Now, there pritty well could be vibrations but if I neither
can see or hear it I will consider that it doesn?t vibrate
and the design correct.
Perhaps better put then, no harmful vibrations.

73 and now over to hard hats / Jim SM2EKM

PS: Since I have a woodpecker on my property I always have
the hard hat on when being outdoors.

Jim Lux wrote:

> At 11:19 AM 8/10/2003 +0200, Jiri Sanda wrote:
>> To later responses.
>> Jan - I would like to see some designs that DOES NOT vibrate at all. 
>> Until now I have not seen such a beast !!!
> Any round element will vibrate in the wind...simple mechanics and 
> aerodynamics (shed vortices), and forms the basis of such things as 
> aeolian harps. The vibration might not be noticable, or it might be 
> quite significant, and in a high Q system (which many mechanical systems 
> are) the vibration might build up to a significant amplitude.

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