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[TowerTalk] Chicago Tribune: Antenna Stirs Static Among Neighbors

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Chicago Tribune: Antenna Stirs Static Among Neighbors
From: (Bill Turner)
Date: Wed Aug 13 14:30:41 2003
On Wed, 13 Aug 2003 17:32:27 +0000, "Rob Atkinson, K5UJ"
<> wrote:

>They live their way; I live mine.  We leave each other alone.  
>Why things aren't like this everywhere I don't know.


Well, I'll be glad to 'splain it to you, Rob.

Many people (myself NOT included) buy their home partly for their own
property and partly for the neighborhood.  The more expensive the
home, the more likely they will be concerned about the neighborhood.
It's just a fact of life - no use whining about it, it just is.

If you don't like it, and I SURE don't, then don't buy a house in that
kind of area.  I bought my little 2.5 acres way out in the desert just
for that reason.  I can do as I damn well please and nobody cares.
But I know if I bought a home in an expensive part of town and tried
to put up a monstrosity of a tower... well, you figure it out.

It's just how things are.  Deal with it.

73, Bill W7TI

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