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[TowerTalk] Suburb Home & Conservative Tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Suburb Home & Conservative Tower
From: (Gene Bigham)
Date: Thu Aug 14 12:55:59 2003
After reading all these posts I count my lucky stars!  I recently got 
re-married and we looked for a home for about 3 months.  During the search our 
realtor friend of the family was made aware of my interest in a home where a 
modest tower could be erected.  She was very helpful and directed us to homes 
that had been screened on this qualification.  As it turned out we saw many 
suitable homes that pleased me for their RF launch ability but did not suit the 
Mrs.  Finally, we looked at this home and it met all criteria.  I got to know 
the neighbors immediately building good will.  Then started out with a G5RV in 
the tree.  This brought curiosity out in several neighbors.  I briefly 
explained what I was doing in low tech terms and the fun it was to do so.  
Next, came a Gap Challenger vertical.  Again, curiosity was expressed.  I 
inquired if there were any interference issues with all of them and was told 
no.  We have underground everything here, power, phone, cable.  One neighbor 
has not subscribed to cable and asked if my antenna would help his TV 
reception.  We laughed about that one.  Next came a 50 foot crank up aluma 
tower which was placed in the back yard while preparations were being made to 
erect.  Again curiosity from the neighbors.  I again inquired if any 
interference had been noticed.  The response was no.  When the day came to 
erect the tower, rotator, beam, etc.  Two neighbors offered to help!  It has 
been up and nested now for a couple of months and no complaints to date.  Oh, I 
did research the covenants and restrictions for the community on line and found 
one item referenced to tower which only specified must be installed and 
maintained in sound mechanical condition.  So far so good, now go knock on a 
3-500zg tube or two and see what happens.
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