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[TowerTalk] rural acreage and suburbs

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Subject: [TowerTalk] rural acreage and suburbs
Date: Thu Aug 14 12:33:38 2003
We had a "thread" on the PVRC reflector recently when a ham in North Carolina 
decried the unavailability of QTHs without restrictive covenants.  This was 
during his new QTH search in North Carolina.  I commented that they were pretty 
easy to find in Maryland.  He refused to believe it.  I was thinking, "Have I 
been living in a bubble all my life?"  Every time I've gone driving in the 
country looking for a new QTH I have been able to find for sale signs on 
acreage.  The ones I have checked out, at least, never had any covenants 
associated with them.  I have bought and sold a number of country properties of 
between two and 27 acres and they never had any covenants.  Granted, none of 
them were part of any development of any kind -- let's say a 200-acre farm 
being broken up into farmettes or large lots.  They were all single parcels, 

I was later told the NC ham was only looking at golf course country club 
communities and million-dollar homes.  Maybe that explains it.

In any case, I was pleased and somewhat surprised to find that in suburban 
Washington, D.C. (I can drive to the U.S. Capitol Building in as little as 20 
minutes, which amazed even me when I did it) acreage is still available at 
reasonable prices.  Mine is 14-1/4 acres.  A friend, AI3M, also sold a 10-acre 
rural property within the last year, near here, for a very reasonable price.  
These sorts of properties are generally without covenants and restrictions, 
even in this very suburban area -- suburban at least in that it is close to big 
cities.  The counties have restrictions to greater or lesser extent, varying 
county to county, but are generally relatively workable for hams who want to 
put up even tall towers.

73 - Rich, KE3Q
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