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[TowerTalk] W0IYH Feed line Choke Performance

To: <>
Subject: [TowerTalk] W0IYH Feed line Choke Performance
From: (Tim Duffy K3LR)
Date: Tue Aug 19 13:48:56 2003
Hi Willy!

Jim may have not had time to post the new information. Give him a call at
704-542-4808. Jim's up early, so anytime after 7 AM eastern time.

Tim K3LR wrote:

> Tim, I went to their site but there was W0iyh Balun there, just W2DU types.
> Did I miss something?  I've been building my own baluns and 9: to 1 beverage
> impedence transformers for over 22 years now. Some of the big gun's on 160 
> still
> have mine in use after all that time & RF!!  Willy K3VW

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