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[TowerTalk] Galv Steel Anchor Rods and pier/winch bolts

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Galv Steel Anchor Rods and pier/winch bolts
From: "Noel" <>
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 12:20:06 -0600
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I need to buy 4 anchor rods and some 1/2" X 13 X 6" steel bolts for a
60' tower I plan to install.  I'd rather exhaust my local sources before
I order from distant places.  But while I have the installation manual
for the tower, it doesn't tell me what grade steel I should be looking
for.  Anyone know what grade steel is suitable to use for anchor rods,
and pier/winch bolts.  I know I want hot-dipped galvanized steel and I
know the size bolts but that's it.  I'm also curious about the diameter
the ground rods should be?  Anyone have knowledge of this sort of thing
I'd appreciate any info that might make my search easier.  

Some background on the tower.  The tower is a 60' aluminum guyed tower
and was made to support a rotatable log period antenna called the LPH-1
sold by Antenna Products out of Mineral Wells, Texas. I'm not putting as
large an array on the tower, as it was designed for, but I'm trying to
install the tower to the same specs, so if I decide to upgrade to a
larger antenna later, I don't have to worry.   I've called and email
Antenna Products to try and buy the hardware from them, but so far
they're slow to respond. Anyway I have almost everything I need to put
this tower up except the ground rods and anchor/winch bolts which all
get incased in concrete.    

Thanks in advance.

West Haven, UT


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