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[TowerTalk] SteppIR, still in business?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] SteppIR, still in business?
From: "Martin Sole" <>
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 13:59:14 +0700
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I have seen many posts on here extolling the virtues of the SteppIR
antennas. My own opinion formed after studying much of the available
information is, like many, that they are a fantastic piece of engineering
with good performance. In discussions with a good friend I encouraged him to
take a close look at them for a couple of replacement installations he is
planning, a 3el at one QTH and a 4el at the other. He did send them an
email, and got a response syaing that his questions would be answered in
about a week. Nothing heard. He then sent another request, no response. He
then emailed another department in the company, no response. Several people
have said that the after sales service is good. I wonder how they are making
any sales if they don't answer peoples enquiries?

Maybe it's not for me to worry about but I did urge him to go in this
direction and made specific comment as to the reports of good support. Kinda
feel like I'm getting egg on my face over this.

Anybody has an inside track? Did they suddenly disappear?

Martin, HS0ZED


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