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[TowerTalk] Night Climb

Subject: [TowerTalk] Night Climb
From: David J Rodman MD <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 07:01:19 -0400
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I used a particularly calm warm night to accomplish a night climb and calibrate a rotor on one of my towers. Without dwelling on the fact that this was not a particularly fun or thing I would endorse or wish to do again, I wanted to offer some technical points. I used a Sears Craftsman fluorescent tube light for lighting. I attached this securely and it was great illumination for working as well as ascent and descent. The light was hooked just above my work level and I could see into my tool and bolt bags quite easily. I would suggest having the ground crew keep the AC cord away from the face one is climbing on. I also count my climbs as the Rohn has an uneven rung spacing every section which is a count of 8 steps. I found this easier not to miss a step. I do not suggest this is as a subsitute for daylight work, just better than trying it in the 40-50 mph winds we expect this weekend.


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