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Re: [TowerTalk] KT34XA Torque Balance

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] KT34XA Torque Balance
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Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 19:32:26 -0600
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Hi, Tod and TTers;

Tod presents 'an elegant solution." Furthermore, by optimizing the length and diameter of the arm versus area of the vane, one can minimize the wind loading on the tower and mast.

I recall that this aspect of antenna design and the calculations are addressed in David Leeson's book, "Physical Design of Yagi Antennas." I don't believe he includes calculations for any of the KT34 series, as he does for several popular antennas, but he offers all you need to calculate the wind induced torque.

73 de WOØW

Tod - Minnesota wrote:


My plan is to install a 'wind sail' slightly above the
antenna boom. This will be a single rectangular piece of
metal (probably aluminum; maybe galvanized sheet metal)
mounted on an arm that extends out from the mast. The arm
will be fastened to the mast using a clamp that allows the
length of the arm from mast to sheet metal to be varied.
This way I will be able to adjust the angle of the sheet
metal 'wind sail' relative to the antenna boom and also the
moment arm length.

Michael Tope

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Subject: [TowerTalk] KT34XA Torque Balance

Has anyone on the list attempted to wind torque balance a


KT34XA? I just went thru the numbers and my calculations


that the KT34XA should be a great weather vane. The


specs show that the boom-to-mast connection is about 20" inches behind the physical center of the boom. Presumeably

this is done to compensate for the fact that most of


from the elements is concentrated towards the back-end of

the > antenna boom.


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