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Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 19:42:22 -0500
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Thanks Paul ! - I never thought or heard of that before - do you tin both the center conductor and the braid ?
and then install the PL259 as normal ?

73, Jeff - N3YEA

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Please excuse the following rant but PL-259's and coax light my fire.

Of several hundred (thousands) of PL-259's (on RG-8 or similar) I have seen
very, very few that are securely or otherwise attached to the coax braid.
Several years ago I was a volunteer on a ham club's RFI committee. 100% of
the time when I visited the ham station I could give the PL-259 a good jerk
and it would come off of the coax. That sir, is not a good connection, for
RF or otherwise.

Then I would show the ham how I make my connections (tin the braid first)
and how easy it is to get a good connection.

A few months later I go back to the same ham station (another TVI squawk),
give the PL-259 a good jerk, and it's off the coax again.

So I gave up the RFI committee as being a lost cause.

You will not pull PL-259's off of my coax, unless you are a gorilla or don't
care about the skin that used to be on your palm.

Is is my experience that it is not that a good PL-259 to coax connection
cannot be made, it is that the majority of amateur radio operators don't
want to make a good connection.

de Paul, W8AEF


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