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[TowerTalk] Re: Rohn 25 -- Semi- FreeStanding & TiltOver?

Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Rohn 25 -- Semi- FreeStanding & TiltOver?
From: doc <>
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 18:17:50 -0500
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Blake Bowers wrote:
Page 25G-1, and page 25G-2 of the Rohn consumer catalog.
Their design charts, their design drawings.

This is very interesting.

I am planning a 4x4x4 concrete pad with three sections
of Rohn 25 in it.

Two sections (A & B) will be offset in height from the
other one (C) so as to overlap the joints for strength.

  A         B
______    _____
\    //--\\    /

Tower C will be approx. 50 feet, A & B approx. 30 feet.
I am estimating that I can go another 10 feet above C
and put a standard HF tri-band beam, and a VHF-UHF
log-periodic up there.

I may side-mount a couple of antennas on A & B.

A & B, in additional to providing structural strength,
will provide strength when I fold over C using Hinged
Base Plate BPH25G (not sure how to snuggle A & B up
to C with the plate in the way) or the two 7" swivel
sections I have that I do not see in the catalog (the
bottom half is a pair of 3.25L x 1.25W x 3/16" Thick
steel with 1/2" holes for a bolt-axle, the top halves
are 5" of tubular tower leg sections, 1.4" of the wide
tower section welded between the steel bolt-axle legs
and 3.75" of the narrow connecting tower legs above
that & drilled for the normal pair of bolts).

If I haven't drawn the most confusing word-picture
ever perhaps someone know the part number for these?

Anyhow, these past will probably work better in my
scheme but I will need something either embedded in
the concrete pad or perhaps use holes in a short
section to run the bolt-axles through.

I have not yet figured out the winch & pulley

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e

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