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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Grounding & Generator Questions
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Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 16:42:43 -0400
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Actually, this is not that complicated... 

There are three wires coming from the power pole (two hots and the neutral).
There are three wires coming from the generator (two hots and a neutral).
There are three wires going to the breaker panel (two hots and a neutral).
The transfer switch (UL accepted Generac transfer switch DESIGNED for
EXACTLY this purpose and DESIGNED to work with the generator) connects the
two hot leads from the breaker panel to either the two hot leads from the
utility power pole or the two hot leads from the generator. The three
neutral lines (utility, generator, breaker panel) are all bonded together
inside the transfer switch box.

Since the transfer switch is BEFORE the breaker panel, it does not deal with
the separate neutral and ground lines that appear within the breaker panel
and house wiring...

Perhaps to avoid the picking of nits, I should have simply asked the
question: Is 2" metal conduit a reasonable material for connecting the
ground at my power meter with the ground for my shack TO CREATE A SINGLE



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