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From: Dave Fuller <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 08:57:15 -0700
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I did a bunch of structural analysis on my design for elevated guys 
(with lots of help from my boss) and approval from a PE.   I found old 
railroad track at a salvage yard (big heavy stuff 10 feet weighed over 
350 lbs).   This turned out to be 3 times stronger than the pipe design 
and it was 1/5 the cost.   I got it for $2/ ft.     I was going to go 5 
ft out of the ground and 4 ft in ground until I ran into solid rock 3 ft 
deep.  The soulution there was (PE approved again) to drill the rock and 
epoxy rebar in the the rock layer.  This anchored the big rebar cage to 
the rock layer.  There is approx 2.5 +/- yds of rebar enforced concrete 
for each guy anchor.  This is a 90 ft RH 55,  Currently has 14 Sq ft of 
antenna on it with more antennas planned.    Looking back on it I'm not 
sure it was worth all that trouble and I may not do it again just to 
save 30 sq feet of yard but I'm enjoying it anyway.

-Dave WD7Z

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