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Re: [TowerTalk] Making a self-supporting tower rotate

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Making a self-supporting tower rotate
From: Jim Rhodes <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 11:21:56 -0600
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I am with the others. Is there a reason that you could not use a ring rotor 
or swing arm? A whole lot less engineering there. Is this thing tapered all 
the way up or is it an SSV type tower that has less taper the higher you 
go? I have seen installations that used a long mast section going through 2 
sections with a bearing plate between and a BIG rotator at the bottom of 
the mast. But with a tapered tower that could be a real challenge. And you 
need a BIG, STRONG mast to do it with for any real capacity. Rotating the 
whole tower would take a whole lot of steel to hold the thing down. I don't 
think it would be financially feasible to do it that way.

If you decide to go through with it please keep us posted on the project & 
what you decide. We all like to learn from others experience.

At 05:03 AM 1/12/2006, David J Windisch wrote:

>Other peoples' ideas on mechanical arrangements for making all or part of a
>96-ft self-supporting three-legged tower, 28ft-sqd at 80MPH,  rotate, are
>what I'm interested in reading.
>Ideas I've  considered are:
>1. Stationary post in concrete base, with thrust-bearing plates over post,
>plates attached to bottom tower section legs; lazy-susan "dumpster" wheels
>on tower legs/bottom plate to bear vertical load and allow legs to turn on
>base surface;
>2.  Sturdy mast and thrustbearing plates between 2 separated sections higher
>up the tower, with vertical-load bearing-plates between separated sections;
>3. Rotating post set in concrete base, with turntable suitable for attaching
>tower legs;
>It's Christmas Day, I have the tower, no holes are dug or further work done,
>the MPE wet-stamp fella has asked for "prior art" to evaluate, and the twp
>has conceded that PRB-1 does apply.  Oh, yeh, 20 of my closest neighbors
>have signed letters stating they have no objection to what I'm planning to
>do <bighappygrin>.
>Any ideas out there, please?
>TIA and 73,
>Dave, N3HE
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