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Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 19:38:26 -0500
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I can sympathize with your situation.  My soil here (if I can call it that) is 
very, very dense and hard clay like yours.  It is close to turning to solid 
shale in a few million years <g>.  I have heard every tip in the world on how 
to drive stubborn ground rods into the ground and non of them worked.  I really 
have tried every trick.  I was able to get a handful of the heavy copper coated 
steel rods down 3' or so and then no more.  I finally found the perfect 
solution.  I borrowed an electric jack hammer.  If you remove the tip from the 
hammer it exposes a 1" opening 6 or so inches long.  By standing on a step 
ladder and slipping the end of the rod inside the hammer I was able to drive 
every rod in the ground within 15 minutes.  These are heavy tools and it was a 
bit of a job holding it vertical but it sure was something to finally see the 
rods go down.  As far as removing them, which I have had to do for several of 
them, I attached several cable clamps right next to each ot
 her and used the bucket of my small tractor to pluck them out.  If I did not 
have the tractor I would just cut them off several inches below ground level.

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My soil is very, very hard clay which makes it a
perfect tower base... 
in fact we had to jack hammer it out to build the

... Strong constructions workers hitting the top of
the 8' ground rods 
with Sledge Hammers they were able to drive 1 in about
4 feet and one 
about 5 feet...  neither is deep enough.... 

Any suggestions on what mechanical or power tool to
use to drive ground 
rods further into the ground.  Plus I want to put in a
few more....
Howard S. White Ph.D. P. Eng., VE3GFW/K6  ex-AE6SM 
"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"
"Ham Antennas Save Lives - Katrina, 2003 San Diego
Fires, 911"

Hi Howard,
You can find a fence pole driver at Tractor Supply
The hammer is a pipe with two handles welded onto it,
or if can find a piece of heavy wall pipe and put a
pipe cap on it will also work.


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