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[TowerTalk] fiberlass again - only different ;^)

Subject: [TowerTalk] fiberlass again - only different ;^)
From: Doug Robson <>
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 16:59:18 -0500
List-post: <>
I read with great interest and delight at all the help that was forthcoming
on the topic of fiberglass rod.

My desires for fiberglass are somewhat different,  Different enough to
wonder whether or not such use
is even feasible.  I would like to know if anyone has found a source of
fiberglass tubing or pipe that
is strong enough to go to heights of 60 or 70 feet without going crazy with
guys.  My purpose is to
support wire antennas up at the half wavelength heights for 80 meters with
the attendant heavy
feedline and very large/heavy baluns.

I've gotten those four foot military tubes and used them to 40 feet for a
single 80 meter dipole, but
when the winds come along, it looks like it is dancing the hula.  I didn't
guy it any where but at the
apex - the antenna consisting of two of the guys and small nylon string in
90 degree opposition to
keep it from falling over.  It's been up through some 60 MPH wind storms,
and it wonderously stayed
up.  But it makes me nervous, and it really isn't up at the ideal half
wavelength anyhow.

I love the idea, however, of a non-conducting support, and fiberglass, if it
were a great deal stronger,
 and stiffer seems like it would fill the bill.

Looking for guidance.

Doug Robson - KI4LZC

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