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[TowerTalk] Rohn Foldover winch

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rohn Foldover winch
From: "Mike Bragassa, K5UO" <>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 07:39:54 -0600
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Several months ago I asked the forum about foldovers and received a very 
good response; thanks! It gave me better understanding of this apparatus.
New question: I am almost finished setting the Rohn 25g Foldover up; but the 
winch mystifies me. I guess from a boat trailer winch getting away from me 
one time. As the foldover was used I did not receive any kind winch manual. 
There is some operating instructions in the Rohn catalogue.

I guess I need a 'comfort zone' in my mind before I operate the winch. I am 
used to winches that click all the way up or down; not 'clutched'.

When cranking up or down; does the winch work in the same way: merely 
cranking by the operator and there is enough clutch drag (?) to hold it from 
getting away from the operator? On the ground with cable disconnected from 
the ''boom''; the cable can be pulled and the cable feeds out from the 
winch. That scares me!
I guess that there is enough clutch drag to keep the operator in control? 
That, merely his hand holding the crank handle is adequate to keep the load 
in control?
Is the clutch adjustable by the nut on the outside/crank handle base? Is 
there a thin line of correct/incorrect adjustment?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions / recommendations you may have.

Mike Bragassa, K5UO
Conroe, Texas 


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