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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Attn all comcast subscribers
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Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2006 21:36:55 -0400
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Several other ISPs block port 80 and others.  You can do the hack on the
cable modem, or reassign the port.

Other than this glitch, I have not had any issues with comcast.  They are
fast (6mps download consistantly).  Although my son constantly complains it
is too slow.  He wants to upgrade to the serve that provides 15mps download,
and 12mps upload....interestingly, it costs about the same as
Comcast.....but not yet available in our area.  It is called Fiao or
something like that by Verizon....


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> Howdy --
>     Apparently comcast had some sort of stomach flu or  something because
> it

I am a Comcast subscriber, but:

Comcast is very good at providing a very high speed pipe to
the internet (6 Mb/s with my cable modem).  I use them for
what they are good at, especially since I am too far from the
CO for DSL.

What Comcast is NOT good at is email.  I do NOT use Comcast as my mailman.
 I use another ISP ( to handle my mail, and host my web sites.
If you don't have web sites, you can get basic service from Sonic for $10
or $15 a month.  Sonic has various programmable Spam filters that you can
turn on and off, whitelist, etc.  You can get a daily Spam report to see
if any stuff you wanted got busted, and it can be recovered if
necessary.  You can get your own domain name to avoid the embarassment
of having an email address of the form

There are many other ISP's like Sonic.  Check around.

One more thing:  another dumb thing Comcast does is block the default
port used to send mail via your other ISP.  You need to select
an alternate port.  Make sure your ISP supports this.

Life is too short for Comcast.

Rick N6RK


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