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Re: [TowerTalk] K9AY loops-- phased

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] K9AY loops-- phased
From: "Tom McAlee" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 22:57:53 -0500
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Yes.  I commented on it yesterday and it seems my comments weren't popular 
with the K9AY loop fans.

But, sorry... the DXE 4 Square is considerably ahead.  And, thats with the 4 
square in the 80/160 compromise configuration.  I imagine it would only get 
even further ahead on 160 if it were built with the 160-optimized 

However, and this one is for the loop fans, it does take up less space and 
even commercial controllers cost a lot less.

Before I had up the DXE 4 square and the 600' beverages in 8 directions, I 
only had the 4-direction K9AY loop.  And, there were times when it did make 
the difference between QSO and no QSO on 80m vs. listening on the TX 
antenna, and my 80m TX antenna is no slouch (2 el full-size vertical array, 
40k feet of radials, radial field takes up 2.5 acres).  The fact that it was 
better than that, even some of the time, says something.

But still, I have yet to hear the DXE 4 square not beat it on 80/160.  40m 
is another story; the 4 square in the 80/160 compromise configuration is 

Another unpopular comment... the beverages are usually even further ahead. 
The K9AY doesn't approach them.  The 4 square does, and at times the s/n is 
actually better.

Those are my observations.  I know people will tell me its because I didn't 
build something right.  But, I don't think thats the case... I generally 
take building things correctly to an extreme that most people would call 
unnecessary overkill.  For example, when I built the DXE 4 square, I 
measured the cables with a TDR and had the land professionally surveyed to 
find the locations for the verticals.

Accuse me of not building things correctly if it makes you feel better (a 
few people did yesterday), but I won't believe you :)

Tom, NI1N

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] K9AY loops-- phased

> I'm jumping into this thread a bit late.  Has anyone on the list had an
> opportunity to compare the K9AY directional loop with the DX Engineering
> switched 4-Square with optimized spacing on 160M?
> Paul, W9AC


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