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Subject: [TowerTalk] RE : Aluminum mast
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Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2007 13:50:55 -0000
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The hardwood dowel into the mast, thats probably the mean raison he found
part of the mast back in his kitchen stove.......


Jos on4kj

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Why would anyone want to use aluminum for a mast?  Rust resistance? 
Lightweight? Flexibility?  None of these are necessary characteristics of a 
mast.  The toughest aluminum alloy made doesn't come close to most steel 
alloys.  I recall back in the 70's a certain ham(a WB9) decided to use 
aluminum to stack some  beams.  To stiffen it up, he drove a hardwood dowel 
into the mast.  6 months later the top half broke off in a wind storm and 
came right thru his kitchen roof.  True story.

Bob  W6TR
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>I would inspect it - perhaps doing a dye-penetrant examination (look at  
>welding supply stores) - but other than that - it should work well as 
>long  as you apply adequate safety factor and do not load it 
> Scott
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> Hi All
> I think I recall seeing a comment about mast, tubing and pipe.
> Back in my early days, we used extruded 6061-T6 in 2 inch diameter 
> with
> 1/4
> inch wall. Many of us sprung for the tubing and put as much os 20 feet of 
> it
> out the top of the tower. It seemed to hold up and I don't remember anyone
> having any problem with it.
> That being said, I'm planning to put a tower with some HF antennae and 
> I found my old 24 foot 6061 mast in the barn. It's about 30 years old and
> isn't even corroded.      You know what I'm planning to do, so let me hear
> why I SHOULDN'T use this.  Especially after all the years of great 
> track record from the locals in southwestern Ohio.
> Roger
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