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[TowerTalk] phased phased verticals query

Subject: [TowerTalk] phased phased verticals query
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 02:58:40 +0000
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Slightly off-topic for TT but beg your forebearance:  I am really curious to 
know if anyone has ever tried phasing half squares as a pair of driven 
elements.  What would the results be at 1/8 wavelength and/or 1/4 wavelength 
separation?  I tried to model this with NEC but apparently I'm doing something 
wrong as I get no results, just a lot of whirring from the hard disk and a 
blank stare from the screen.  Neither 0 degree nor 90 degree phasing inputs on 
a pair of half squares generated any solution.  

Using a pair of half squares in a parasitic array is also of great interest to 
me.  Again, NEC modeling fails.  Probably an operator problem, but there it is. 
 What happens at 1/8 wavelength spacing?  1/4?

Anybody else's curiousity piqued?

thanks in advance,

Peter, W2CDO

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