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[TowerTalk] stacking different antennas

Subject: [TowerTalk] stacking different antennas
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007 21:20:39 EST
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As I mentioned in an earlier post, my proposed antenna system in KH6 is in  a 
state of flux.  I know I will be using three SteppIRs....two of the 4 el  (20 
through 6) and one MonstIR for 4 el (40 through 6).  They will be more  than 
likely be around 27, 54 and the MonstIR at around 90.
My permit is still in the building department, and may come through at 90  or 
150 ft...still unknown at this time.  If the 150 feet comes through I  may 
mount a 40 meter monobander at that height and phase it with the  MonstIR.  
Modeling it with HFTA makes it look truly like a "Monster".  
I have no desire to mount a second MonstIR at 150 because:
1. price
2. at my QTH 150 feet HFTA says it is way too high to produce a usable  
signal on 20 through 10
3. wind load
So, what I want to do is to mount something like a M2 40 meter monobander  at 
140-150 and phase it with the MonstIR at 60-90 feet.  Has anyone ever  
stacked dissimilar antennas, and if so, what kind of results did you get?   I 
there may be a phasing difference, but I will be running identical  lengths of 
coax to them, so I'm not sure where the phasing difference that guys  mention 
in this stacking comes from.
The MonstiR should behave like a monobander on 40 and my guess is should  
stack like a monobander.  Am I missing something.   Any thoughts  on this?
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