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Subject: [TowerTalk] Guy Cable
From: "Larry Comden" <>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 17:37:29 -0400
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I'm going to replace the guy wires on my Rohn 25 tower this spring as part of a 
general overhaul. Present cable is 3/16  1X7 wire rope (probably EHS but after 
30 years who remembers?). No insulators were used in the original installation. 
That'll be corrected.

Texas Towers sells 3/16 wire rope for $39/100' (probably 1X7 with 3990 lbs 
breaking strength). McMaster-Carr sells 3/18 1X19 (4700 lbs) for $38/100.
Both sources are galvanized. Price obviously isn't the deciding factor.

Question: Is the 19 strand stuff easier/harder to work with? Any problems with 
weathering, etc? Is there a "mismatch" when using the 1X19 with the preformed 
Big Grips?

Question: McMaster also has Stainless saddle clamps cheaper than the galv ones 
from Texas Towers. Any problem with the stainless ones?

TIA and 73

Larry K3VX


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