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[TowerTalk] Tower in Tree

Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower in Tree
From: Jim Jarvis <>
Date: Wed, 09 May 2007 08:28:07 -0400
List-post: <>
I'm late to this thread, although I've been watching
it spiral around for some time, I've been too busy to respond.  
Used to be horizontal tower motion, I think.  We finally reached 
the point where I'm going to wade in, from first-hand experience.  

The notion of putting Rohn 20 or 25 alongside a tree,
to provide a ladder and antenna mount is not a bad one.
If you can do it, it's a lot better for the tree, and
more likely to last a while, than directly attaching things
to the tree.  

I've done it, to 50', and seen it done to 60-70'.
There are issues of assembly, and issues of tree-damage
which require attention.  

First, the tower should LOOSELY be attached to the tree.
A chain, looped around the tree, and not girdling it, would
be a good solution.  Probably need one every 30'.  Maybe more.
You might want to put clear vinyl hose over the chain, to
minimize friction with the tree, still allowing visual chain

As the tree flexes, the tower will flex, loosely.  Loose chain
will allow the wiggle room, and prevent strangling the tree with
tight attachment.

Second, I would consider a lighter, Aluminum tower, for ease of
assembly.  Getting sections in place will prove challenging, as 
you get higher.

Third, I would hire an arborist to climb the tree, prune the tree,
and work with you on tower installation.  This is something of a 
snake-job, getting things in place.  A full day of this should cost
you between $500 and 1k.  Find a pro who's a ham.  It may save you
some money.  

Finally,  although I put a 50 footer in a maple tree...I would have
some trepidation about a 100 footer in a pine tree. The top of that 
thing is going to move in big winds a LOT.  That means that you'll 
need to have progressively looser chains, as you go up the tree, 
to allow more flex/wiggle room.   And THAT means you'll have to have 
a method for tightening those chains, when you go aloft to work on things.

Plan on climbing this 4 times a year, to make sure the chain isn't
digging into the bark of the tree.  

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The Morse Group, LLC
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